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If  you’re visiting the CRAO website for the first time, it’s likely because you’re someone who is looking at the possibilities of becoming a court reporter, or you’re a lawyer verifying who is a member in good standing, or you want to identify which of our members have their C.C.R. designation  because you are looking for someone highly skilled with proven excellence and professional standards in the production of verbatim certified transcripts.

This website was designed not only as a way to communicate with our members, but it was developed to invite the public at large and members of the legal community to get to know what the Court Reporters’ Association of Ontario is all about:  what commitment our Executive has to our members and the profession of court reporting; how our membership is structured;  and to also educate the public and the legal community of the value and importance of the role professional court reporters play in the various sorts of legal proceedings that take place every day in courtrooms and boardrooms throughout this province.  

Some areas of our website are restricted to members only, as you can well expect, but you are welcome to take some time and look through our public links and legal updates and get to know us, where we’ve been, our history, and where we are going in the future.   We will be adding content from time to time that you might find interesting, or would assist you in your research.   So, keep coming back to check in with us to look for news related to court reporting specifically and other  legal updates of interest.

If you are a practicing court reporter in the Province of Ontario in the private or public service sector, and you want to become a member of the CRAO click to learn more to review all the benefits of membership and consider joining  us.    You must be a member of the CRAO in order to qualify for certification testing to earn your C.C.R. designation.

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INFORMATION RELEASE Annual General Meeting Fall 2014 Update

It’s just been over a month since the CRAO’s 47th Annual General Meeting was held in Toronto.  The focus of the day-long Agenda was concentrated on reviewing the new province-wide independent court transcription service industry now in operation and to develop ways to ensure the CRAO mandate and membership commitment meets the needs of the consumer in this ‘buyer-beware’ marketplace. This buyer-beware approach becomes integral in the selection process  because the consumer is faced with an overwhelming list of registered profiles representing a vast number of providers with no means whatsoever of measuring quality of product or customer service.  The operator of the registered list has not developed any pre-requisite criteria requiring a minimum number of years of experience in transcript production as an eligibility requirement for enrolment and as a way for an applicant to demonstrate any level of competency or professional standard..

There is no safeguard in place prohibiting registration at the entry level for an applicant with no practical experience whatsoever in transcription production, or even experience in a courtroom.  There is nothing in place that would require that an entry level applicant be involved in either ongoing mentoring, or participating in an apprenticeship program before being able to offer transcription services independently to clients.  In fact, there is no way to distinguish on that registered list in any way which provider has the required skills and experience to provide quality services and which provider has never produced a certified transcript before, ever.  Additionally, the operator of the registered list has no quality control mechanisms or process in place to guarantee consumer protection for poor standard of services or misconduct in practice by any ACT that is registered on the list they operate.

To assist consumers in measuring risk, the CRAO has enhanced its mandate to ensure three basic principles are upheld in all areas of practice, integral to membership commitment, by adding these objectives to its Constitution:

Professional Standards ●   Best Practices ●  Code of Conduct Principles

As another way to protect consumer interests it was decided at the Annual General Meeting to amend the CRAO Constitution to mandate that anyone seeking membership to the CRAO will now have to go through an application review process in order for the CRAO Executive team to determine whether applicants meet the eligibility criteria and required commitment to membership, in order to uphold the three principles as set out in the objectives of the Constitution.

The CRAO conducts testing for our members to achieve their C.C.R. accreditation which distinguishes their skills and abilities and allows them to sign their transcripts as having been produced by a Certified Court Reporter.  The C.C.R. designation is an important distinction to look for when looking for a provider.  C.C.R. testing is conducted two times a year and illustrates that a successful candidate has been tested at the professional standard. Please check the CRAO website to verify membership and C.C.R. accreditation before selecting a provider to ensure they are not misrepresenting themselves.  If they are no longer a member in good standing of the CRAO, they are no longer C.C.R. accredited. There have been circumstances where providers are using the C.C.R. designation and they have either never earned it, or they were never CRAO members.  It is important to ensure you verify every time you are seeking services of someone who represents that they are C.C.R. accredited.  Please notify our office if you believe there has been any misrepresentation of use or membership.

The CRAO Executive team is also developing a comprehensive testing model for C.C.T. designation Certified Court Transcriptionist, to be introduced as a new accreditation in the early summer of 2015 that will give the consumer another tangible way to measure quality of product and services.

The CRAO is a not-for-profit professional organization established in 1967 with a membership comprised of court reporters and ACTs specializing in different areas of practice, expertise and services.

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Joanne Hardie, C.C.R.  President, Court Reporters' Association of Ontario   ● www.crao.ca Tel:  (905) 922-5002 June 2014